A Lifelong Passion for Butterflies

It all started in first grade when Dan’s teacher brought a Milkweed plant to the school and it attracted a Monarch Butterfly. After watching the life cycle, Dan’s passion for butterflies began. Fast forward to 1989 and that’s when the first Butterfly exhibit was created in the U.S., Butterfly World in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Next Calloway Gardens opened in Georgia, with Cypress Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida becoming the first three butterfly exhibits in America. After we established an account with Cypress Gardens, Butterfly Dan’s was formed and became a national supplier for butterfly exhibits.

Supplier of butterflies to the exhibit industry. Some of our clients; Krohn Conservatory, National Museum of Natural History, American Museum of Natural History, Bronx Zoo and Cleveland Botantical Gardens.

“The butterfly business has been a lifelong journey that continues to amaze me everyday”

Currently, we offer Tours of farm to School. Children and the general public by appointment.

What We Value

Our team has vast knowledge and experience in taking care of butterflies. We can assure that your encounter with our fluttering beauties in a classroom, exhibit, or event will be pleasant. To achieve this, our team stands by our four values:

With these values, we help spread joy to you and your guests through our services and butterflies.