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Tour Of Farm

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We have two options on how you can tour our farm. One is self guided, with a pamphlet highlighting the areas that you are able to explore on the first half of our property. We have QR code signs located in each designated area on the map. Here you will be able to scan these QR code's with your smartphone, and a direct link will pop up explaining the station you are at. The information provided in the link on your phone will allow you to either read it, or you can play the provided audio version instead. This tour will let you venture into our breeding room, flight areas, bird flight area, hydroponic cage and other designated areas found on the map given to you. 


The guided tour on the other hand, is divided into two parts which goes into depth on both properties. The first part we show you how to raise thousands of butterflies on a weekly basis. This part will include going into detail about our out-door and indoor breeding facilities. In addition, you will be able to visit several flight areas where we discuss the individual live species of butterflies we have, and the specific habitats they have to stay alive.

The second part of the guided tour is an ECO Bug Tram ride that travels through a food forest and ends up at a butterfly rainforest. In this area guests will make their way over to see the famous Professor Michalson Bug Camp Ground. The entire tour normally takes an hour and half to complete.

Cost per individual for self guided tour is $15. 2YRS and younger are free.

Cost per individual for guided tour is $30.00. 2YRS and younger are free. 

Guided tours and self guided tours of the Butterfly Farm are by appointment only! You must book online, no exceptions!

Note : We are a live working butterfly breeding farm. All guided tours must be made by appointment. We can not accept any walk-ins due to our rigorous work schedule. Make sure to book in advance, so we can guarantee being able to tour you around our farm!

Butterfly Habitat

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Emergence Cups

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