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Butterfly Exhibit Services

Every butterfly house is unique and there are many factors to consider when building, filling, and managing your exhibit. We recommend consulting with us in your initial design and planning stages to help make the right decisions. Our goal for our clients is a smooth grand opening and a successfully ran, butterfly exhibit. Once your exhibit is open, we are one phone call away for assistance and special request. For list of our butterflies that we raise please visit the species list.

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Your Success Is Our Success

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Our service does not end in building and setting up your exhibit. We aim to give you a smooth grand opening and a successful exhibit. To achieve this, we will help you in managing your event. You can call us anytime for assistance or a special request.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in the butterfly industry, we highly recommend joining the International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers (IABES).

Learn About Butterflies

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