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Bird Flight Area - Zone 4

 Welcome to our indoor bird flight area. Before you proceed, make sure that you enter each door separately, ensuring that one is closed at all times. Double check each entrance to confirm that they have been properly closed; our animals have been known to escape if the doors are not fully closed! Please proceed with caution. We have live birds and a rabbit roaming around the perimeter of this cage, so watch your step and no running or touching of the animals. Lastly, do not walk over the brick fence, we have an extremely small tortoise that blends in with the rocks, and we do not want him to get stepped on.


The bird flight area was built in 2019 as a place to relax and enjoy the scenery. We have different species of birds living here including: Diamond Doves, Finches, Love Birds, Parakeets, Warblers, and Canaries. We are always looking to add new birds to our farm, so you may spot other kinds of species here as well.


In our pond you'll see several goldfish which were all won from the Osceola County Fair throughout the years. They were only two inches long when they were brought to the farm! There are also a couple of turtles that reside in this body of water. The biggest one is our Yellow-Bellied Slider, and the smaller one is a Mud turtle.


In the back part of the flight zone, we have a brick fenced area where our Red Footed tortoise resides. The tortoise is the size of a mandarin orange. Another animal that resides in this area is our Lionhead rabbit, who happily roams around in this cage.


Surrounding the edges of this area are Bromeliads, Orchids, Pitcher plants, Cactus, and other varieties of indoor plant species.

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