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Butterfly Farm Diorama - Zone 7

This is our diorama of the front half of our property. This diorama was created in 2018 to show you the species we are breeding and to give you a better perspective of the layout of our farm. The butterfly areas are labeled with the name of the plants that we are growing in that vicinity to feed that species. Our farm has fourteen greenhouses, three of which are strictly butterfly flight areas, while the remaining cage’s sole purpose is dedicated to plant cultivation to feed our caterpillars. Two thirds of the first part of the property is strictly to raise butterflies. The other third of the diorama shows our food forest, butterfly rainforest and bug campground. This is where our guests can tour through it on our Eco Bug Tram to see all the food and plants we are cultivating. Butterfly Dan’s believes that growing your own fruits and vegetables are great first steps in becoming self-sustainable and environmentally conscious.

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