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Outdoor Breeding Facility - Zone 11

You have now reached our outdoor breeding facility. This cage was established after discovering that certain species of butterflies breed a lot better outside rather than indoors. We have the whole premise covered in steel netting to fight off predators such as rats, snakes, and racoons, from coming in and eating our caterpillars. The middle section contains various butterfly species that are put in there for egg laying, while the outer mesh cages are holding our caterpillars. The species of butterflies we have out for breeding are Great Southern White’s, Giant Swallowtail, Julia's, Malachite’s, Buckeyes, White Peacock’s and Atala. Certain conditions or time of year may dictate if some of these butterflies will be present, or if other species will be added into the mix. You will see in the middle of the cage, fresh fruit cut up and laying on a platter or hanging in the air. Butterflies consume nectar and a great substitute is various forms of sugar water. Yellow and Orange Gatorade, and fresh fruits can be used in place as nectar, however egg laying has proven to be more generous when they have fresh fruit to feed on.

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