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Garden Shop - Zone 10

Welcome to our garden shop, where we focus on the propagation and growth of our plants. The three methods that we use to do this are seeds, cuttings or grafting. The majority of these plants are consumed by caterpillars or used for nectar by our butterflies. This is an endless cycle where we nurture the growth of our smaller plants to create food for our butterflies. The main plants we have growing here are different species of Cassia, which attract our yellow butterflies. We also have Milkweed for our Monarch’s and Queen’s. The Passion Vine is the native plant to the Julia, Zebra Longwing and Gulf Fritillary. Our Pipevine feeds our Pipevine and Polydamas butterflies. 


The Atala butterfly’s host plant is the Coontie which has a specific process in how it is to be grown. We take the seed of the Coontie and soak it for up to a week, then take the shelling off so it can be planted. Being able to propagate all our plants has saved us financially and helps us be a self-sustaining farm. Interested in purchasing some of our plants? You can chat with one of our employees after your tour to discuss what plants are available for purchase.

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