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Eagle's Nest - Zone 9

This massive nest displayed before you is a representation of what an Eagle’s nest would be to scale. Right next to it is another display of what an Osprey's nest would look like. We acquired this humongous stump to build on when Hurricane Irma knocked down this tree a few years back. The idea of creating a life size Eagle’s nest was put into action. We decided to make bird nests because we have a large variety of bird species migrating and residing on this property daily. If you are a lover of bird watching, then you came to the right place! Hopefully during this tour you'll be able to spot a couple of different species fluttering around on the premises. Feel free to step up on the Eagle's nest platform to take a picture. Be careful to not overcrowd the area. Please do not lean on or touch the branches and be sure to watch your step!

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