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Hydroponics / Aquaponics Growing Systems
- Zone 5

The primary plant we grow in this greenhouse is Bacopa. It is used to feed a certain butterfly species called the White Peacock. You can find this plant in ditches or in freshwater aquariums. We propagate all of the plants on the farm to promote continuous growth without having to replenish our resources from outside sources. Ten of our greenhouses are dedicated to plant growth to feed our larvae. The plant growing system in front of you is called hydroponics. The white tubes that are lined up throughout this greenhouse have multiple holes drilled in them. Once the Bacopa is eaten down to its roots in the breeding room, we take it out and thoroughly wash the muck and bacteria off it, then soak it overnight. The next morning, we take these clean leftover roots out of the water and place them into any empty holes inside this white tubing. From there, they will grow from just water and fertilization that is being pumped into the pipe, giving it the nutrients it needs to thrive.


If you make your way to the back right of this greenhouse, you can see another method we have set in place, called aquaponics. Asia uses this method in high volumes using massive ponds, which gives you a two in one outcome. The tank below holds a couple Goldfish, one Sucker fish, and one Tilapia. Their feces will eventually be sucked up into the tank above you, and then filter out to the green plant growth across from it. If you lightly touch the plant and smell your hand, you will recognize that this is mint. This bed of mint is absorbing essential nutrients from these fish. Thus, you are getting two outcomes from this one system; which is rich consumable plant growth and the raising of fish for consumption.

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